Tuesday, September 29, 2009

American Revolutionary Perspectives in South Carolina

The students will learn about the roles that Americans and British played leading up to the American Revolution, during the war itself, and the aftermath of the war. The primary players will be Patriots, Loyalists (Tories), partisans, women, African Americans, Native Americans, and US political and military leaders. Students will develop power points that reflect the timeline that set the war in motion (ex: taxes, edicts, and skirmishes) The students will then develop step books that chronicle the major battles and patriot leaders of the American Revolution in SC. The students will be assigned as a player during or before the war and blog in character. He/she will be observing and writing about their characters experiences, feelings, and beliefs. The culminating event of the unit will be a newspaper articles written also from the different perspectives. The students will use the blog material to develop an article that supports his/her position. These articles will support or dissuade citizens from joining in the “New Government” of the United States.

Essential Question
Liberty vs. Loyalty?

Unit Questions
How did your location, background, and belief system affect your feelings on the American Revolution?
What impact did SC battles have on the American Revolution?
How did differences of opinion in SC create a “civil war” in the midst of the American Revolution?

Content Questions
Define: a-Tory b-Patriot c-Redcoat d- Loyalist e-Partisan
How would you describe the typical SC political leader during the American Revolution?
In SC where were most of the Tories/Loyalists located and why?
How did British military tactics influence the citizens of SC?
What incentives affected the Native Americans and African Americans decisions during the American Revolution?
How did the secession of battles in SC affect the success/or failure of the British in SC?
What role did the Partisans play in the success of SC American Revolutionary battles?
What roles did the women of SC play during the American Revolution?


  1. Wow! That is a lot of material! It has been a long time since 8th grade SC history! Your essential and unit questions certainly make me want to go back and study my SC history and your content questions made me realize I am glad I don't have TO! Seriously, you did a really good job of pulling all of your objectives together through the use of different projects that tie it all together. I have been struggling with trying to tie all of mine together. I was wondering what is a step book? My project is actually having students create children's books.

  2. The ideas for your unit seem well thought out. One suggestion on the EQ would be to change to Liberty or Loyalty? Also on your UQ consider dropping the word 'battles' and make it: What impact did SC have on the American Revolution? Good start.